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Information on Privacy

Company: Marmotini Kft. Vitta Hotel *** Superior Budapest,
Registered seat: H-1047 Budapest, Váci út 27-29.
Tax No.: 27089224-2-41
Company Reg. No.: 01-09-348751

According to this Information on Privacy, Marmotini Kft. declares to proceed according to the applicable legislation for the sake of respecting and confidential treatment of all personal data.
In any event, our company processes personal data made available to us in compliance with the legislation in force, ensures their security, take the technical and organisational measures and establishes the procedural rules that are required for the compliance with the legislation.

This privacy statement applies to all persons using our services, independently from having received them directly or via a mediator.

By sending the online booking or by filling out the hotel check-in card, you consent in our processing, working up and storing of the personal data you provided, per this Information on Privacy, in order to performing the services you order.

The Information on Privacy is available on the website and in paper in our hotel. In case of any change in the legislation or legal practices, we reserve the right to modify the information provided without prior announcement.

Per the pertinent privacy regulations, the personal data provided (name, address [country, town, postal code], nationality, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) are used exclusively for contractual and invoicing purposes so that you can use our services. Information are required for processing and finalising the booking and for invoicing.

We ask only for personal data that are indispensable and applicable for achieving the above purposes. We transfer no data to third parties. We send no newsletter or information material, or only in case of Your personal consent.

During the use of our webpage, only your name, IP address, the configuration of your computer and the type of your browser will be recorded. Moreover, we record the webpages via which you have reached us, the term and the content of your visit. We do not record your personal data for these cases.

Data are recorded by ordering the service, however, prior to that, you may look over our services anonymously, like during your visit to our webpage, in the free-access pages.

The personal data our Company has become aware of may be known and used by persons contracted with or employed by our Company, having tasks to perform regarding data processing.

While You are using our services, Your personal data will be recorded and stored by a hotel software. In complying with the taxation and accounting obligations, in observation of the relating laws, we provide data to the company keeping the accounts for our company, and it is also our duty to preserve the data for a specific time. We are contracted to both parties and the acts referred to extend to them too.

In case our services are used by using your bank card, our company will/may require the following data to make available: type and number of debit/credit card, name of owner, expiration date, and CVC/CVV code if necessary. The provided bank/debit/credit card data will be used by our company to the extent and for the time it considers necessary for exercising its rights and performing its duties. The bank card data are processed by the contracted bank partners of our Company. You may inform about this data processing in the OTP Bank or UniCredit Bank portals of the relevant bank.

Beside the above cases, no other personal data are transferred to other persons/companies, except if the law makes it compulsory for us.

Personal data are stored complying with our statutory obligations, observing the legislative frameworks.

While using our services, our Company’s employees will deal with processing personal data depending of their job roles. We arrange for in the Internal Rules that they use data related to their job roles responsibly, legitimately and complying with their obligation of secrecy. Their privacy requirement keeps existing also in case the employment relationship is terminated.

Please note that you are responsible for the authenticity of your personal data; we take no responsibility for any damage arising from false declarations and any legal consequence resulting from false information will affect You.

You are entitled to requrest information on your data recorded by us. You have the right to erase/restrict the data not allowed, though this may not affect invoicing and accounting data.

We ensure You to do any measure necessary to protect Your personal data.

Should You have any question or request, require further information or have a complaint, please, contact our employee entrusted with data protection. 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.